Eighty20 partners were recently engaged to provide market savvy experience to lead the organisation’s customer engagement reset. In consideration of the objective Eighty20 partners collaborated with the key stakeholders to provide a succinct roadmap to success.

This provided the opportunity for the executive to easily assess progress and deliverables. We can attest to their business sense and can do attitude that sorts the “wheat from the chaff” to determine the proper strategy and actions to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Trevor Lidstone, Brisbane Basketball

We engaged Eighty20 Partners 2 years ago to build commercial strategy for our sporting organisation, the Australian Cycling Academy (ACA), as at the time we were struggling to maintain the high costs involved with running the professional cycling academy.

Within 12 months of engagement of Eighty20, the ACA had grown more tham 30% in terms of revenue, employees, athletes and has solidified itself as one of the best cycling development programs in the country. It still continues to grow today.

Director Aaron Flanagan’s clear and honest approach to business and relationships as well as his extensive experience in the Australian sports landscape, has given our organisation a solid foundation in which to grow and has greatly assisted the professionalism of the ACA.

Matthew Wilson, Australian Cycling Academy

From the outset we have had absolutely first class advice and support from Aaron and his team. It's rare to get that blend of professionalism, considerable expertise, friendliness and timely service from any organisation. I unreservedly recommend Eighty/20 Partners to all organisations looking to grow or consolidate their businesses or agencies.

David Dangerfield, The Compass Institute

Aaron has a wealth of knowledge in the attractions/entertainment industry and has the fantastic ability to see the big picture when providing advice and solutions to his clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Eighty20 Partners.

Chris McBoyle, ROLLER

Aaron Flanagan has the unique ability to bring teams together to deliver optimum outcomes for his clients. If you are looking for someone who can 'join the dots' to combine ideas, planning, strategy, monetisation, and implementation then look no further than 80-20 Partners.

While Aaron specialises in the sport, leisure and tourism sectors, his broad range of skills can be successfully applied to any industry. He comes with my highest recommendation as an honest, trustworthy and goal orientated leader in his field.

Peppi Bueti, Q Advertising

I have worked closely with Aaron for the past 5 years now, and as a partner to Eighty20 since its inception. Aaron has a highly professional outlook on business and excels in buildings strategies to help businesses of all sizes to achieve the highest levels of success. We at QA will continue to partner with Aaron in his quest to bring excellence and strategic direction to those in need for many years to come.

Roger Delaney, Q Advertising

I have known Arron from Eighty20 partners for approximately 2 years. He has led significant gains in sport strategy and beneficial partnerships for a variety of clients with the University of the Sunshine Coast's High performance Sport portfolio such as the ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast, Executive High Performance Sport and student athlete program.

He is very strategic in his approach, collaborative, quick to deliver and highly professional while maintaining an easy working relationship with clients.

Aaron is quick to impress with his focus on results, engaging personality and ability to relate to a wide variety of people. Aaron's passion for sport is infectious and adds personal connection and positive culture to his professionalism.

Tania Stevenson, University of the Sunshine Coast Sports