Brisbane Cycling Festival

Case Study

Eighty20 Partners has been engaged by AusCycling Queensland as Festival Director of the Brisbane Cycling Festival since September 2019.

As Festival Director; Eighty20 Partners is responsible for the overall delivery of the festival inclusive of:

  • Festival concept development.
  • Relationship management of major event owners hosting events within the festival including AusCycling Track National Championships and the Tour de Brisbane.
  • Management of partnerships with Tourism & Events Qld and Brisbane Economic Development Agency.
  • Commercialisation - including sponsorship acquisition and ticketing strategies.
  • Event planning and management.
  • Marketing strategy development and implementation.
  • Media partnership development and management.
  • Brand and creative services.
  • Media & PR.
  • Website development and management.
  • Social media management.
  • CRM & e-commerce.